Tinelle Matlock

Tinelle Maltock, an electrifying spirit shines in many ways when it comes to sharing her love and experiences through dance. She began her professional dance training at Broadway Dance Center in New York City while attending The School for Film and Television. In 2007 after falling completely in love with dance, Tinelle began pursuing dance professionally. Tinelle has had many opportunities as a professional dancer, including being featured in a 4-page layout in Dance Magazine, dancing in various commercials, live stage performances, and being featured in a Japanese film “The Manhattan Dairies”. She has worked and trained with top LA/New York choreographers to today’s leading music artists such as: Phlex (Britney Spears “If You Seek Amy”), Tricia Miranda (Kimberly Cole/ Beyonce), Luam (Rihanna, Alicia Keys,  Joe Budden), Sheila Barker, Chio, Derrell Bullock (Beyonce, Madonna), Lindsey B and Craig(Avril Lavigne, Macy’s Passport), Teresa Espinosa(Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Pink) and more. In 2009, Tinelle moved to Los Angeles to jump start her journey and trained intensively under the some of the best teachers in the commercial industry, including Phlex (Britney Spears) as a member of Flos Angeles Dance Company, Derrell Bullock (Beyonce, Madonna), and Tricia Miranda.  In  2010 with a newfound love for dance through teaching and inspiring students, Tinelle started teaching at different studios in the Hollywood area such as IDA Hollywood, L.Y.T.E. Dance Studio, and Sky High Dance, an after school enrichment program. She has also had the opportunity to teach Master Classes in Texas and Japan.



With a passion for dance and dancers Tinelle understands that dance is more than movement to music. It’s a way of living, sharing, and expressing. In her class you will be challenged with new ways of learning dance; with an open mind and heart you will gain new knowledge and perspective on how to share your gift of movement through contemporary and hip hop fusion. With dance being multidimensional in Tinelle’s class students will have the opportunity to explore movement with no boundaries, improvisation, rhythmic drills, across the floor warm-ups, breathing and centering exercises, as well as how dance assists with everyday life with either contemporary or hip hop being the main focus. Tinelle’s class is a safe and open place to learn, explore, and grow not only as a dancer, but as an individual. As Tinelle continues to grow by pushing herself in learning and training in new things she is excited to share and help develop her students. Tinelle is happy to be apart of such an amazing family teaching at 5th Row Performing Center.