Tali Aires

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Tali slipped on her first ballet shoes at age four. Dancing with the Royal Dance Academy and On the Edge Dance Company until she was in high school, Tali trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip-Hop for many years.  Her passion for dance took her to the next level, as she was accepted as a World Arts and Cultures/Dance Major at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Over the course of her four years there, Tali strengthened her technique in Modern and Ballet, and fell in love with other forms of training such as West African, Hip-Hop, and House dance. Tali has received amazing training experience with teachers and mentors such as Rennie Harris, one of the founding members of House dance, Jackie Lopez, the founder and director of VersaStyle Hip-Hop Dance Company, and recognizable L.A. choreographer and Horton Award recipient Kevin Williamson. Outside of UCLA, Tali has worked with Karen Chuang on Hip-Hop team, NSU Modern, and with music producer, Kurt Schneider in two of Sam Tsui’s music videos. While studying dance at UCLA, Tali also minored in Visual and Performing Arts Education, having the opportunity to develop her teaching skills, and share her talent and commitment to the arts. Last summer, Tali created and directed her own teen dance camp –SoulMoves Dance Camp—in San Diego, teaching multiple styles of dance and hosting several LA choreographers. She hopes to continue teaching throughout her life, and to one day create her own dance company and studio in her hometown. Currently, Tali is about to graduate from UCLA and wants to pursue a dance career of joining a dance company that has a ‘contemporary style with a hip-hop edge’, work in the commercial industry, and continue her passion for teaching the next generation of dancers.