Corey Wright

Corey Wright is a Louisiana native who began his professional career as a ballet dancer. After moving to New York, his love for dancing infused itself with singing and acting and he found himself involved in the musical theatre world. Shortly after, the television and film mediums introduced themselves into the orbit of his artistic life and he has starred/co-starred in both shorts and full-length films. Corey has toured (inter)nationally with CHICAGO the Musical and has performed in the musical at the Hollywood Bowl directed by Brooke Shields and Music Directed by Rob Fisher. He has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as an R. Kelly impersonator and The Conan Show.  An odd but favorite credit of his is playing the role of Halloran in ‘The Shining! The Musical!’ at UCB in NYC. One of the most recent short films in which he starred (2013) —  Where Do We Go From Here – has been so very well received in the festival circuit that it is being developed into a full-length. Currently he is working on a new series that will be airing fall 2013. He lives in a state if constant cookies. For more info, visit