I have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about Fifth Row Center.  From the time my daughter started taking classes, Sheri has spent large amounts of time personally working to make her comfortable with the classes, finding the right fit with teachers and classmates, as well as finding classes that fit in her schedule. She has many irregular after school commitments and Deborah and Sheri are incredibly flexible with make-up classes.  We have been able to keep all of her other commitments simply due to this flexibility and their willingness to work things out so my daughter can continue to dance.  They have their students as their highest priority and I'm always impressed that Deborah and Sheri consistently go over and above to make sure their students (and students' parents) are happy. Without reservation, I'd recommend Fifth Row Center!
Fifth Row Center is a kinder, gentler studio... the personal connection we feel to Sheri and Deborah is representative of the warm and inviting culture there. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. My daughter Alex feels that she's truly an important part of the studio even though she's only there for a few hours each week. She loves her teachers and feels extremely connected to them which has so helped her confidence with dance and her self esteem in general. Sheri and Deborah and this amazing family of teachers have created a wonderful environment that encourages even the shyest dancer to shine.
Days after I joined Fifth Row it already felt like home… everyone welcomed me in and made me feel like family. The love and energy is amazing. Every dancer comes ready to learn and wanting to experience more. The teachers are passionate about their jobs and love what they do. Even with all the craziness of the dance world, they come to us from their hearts. The quality of their teaching is spectacular and I'm so glad I made the switch to this studio, because once I did I grew so much as a dancer and as a person. Fifth Row Center goes above and beyond to provide a fabulous dance education for us.
"I could just stay here ALL day!"... this from my daughter Emma when I picked her up at Fifth Row Center last week. :) She literally cannot wait to go to her classes every Wednesday. She just adores her teachers, Deborah and Rachel, and that connection has contributed so much to her growth as a dancer this year. We're thrilled to be a part of the studio.
We just found Fifth Row Center and it is exactly what we were looking for. Sheri spent an enormous amount of time with us and really got a sense of who my daughter was and suggested classes that she would enjoy and thrive in.  She made us feel comfortable and like we were family instantly. I spent almost two weeks observing hours of dance classes and I was really impressed with the dedication, passion, and enthusiasm of each and every teacher. I was looking for a dance studio where my daughter could continue to develop technique and skill, but even more importantly a place where she felt valued, supported, and happy.  My daughter has absolutely fallen in love with Shamicka.  She has a way of bringing out the very best in people and besides being a brilliant dancer and performer she makes each and every child feel successful and special.  I would highly recommend this studio if you are looking for the perfect blend of instruction and a place where your child can grow, thrive, and reach their full potential!
Fifth Row Center is a dance studio filled with training of the highest caliber in every style imaginable. It is a home that took me in after I found myself searching for a place to express my love for dance. But above all, it is a family. The love and passion for the art of movement emulates from the walls and is displayed in every dancer present and every step taken. The teachers, most of whom work in the professional field, come from the far ends of the earth to share their love and knowledge of dance, focusing on each student as an individual and meeting their needs, whether that be preparation for a future career in dance or simply a love for the art form wishing to be fulfilled. Fifth Row Center has granted me with training beyond all other, and a visible growth in myself that I see with each passing class, as well as relationships better than one could ever possibly ask for, and an opportunity to express myself in the most creative of ways. For all of this I am eternally grateful.
Fifth Row Center has taken us in with open arms; their care and expertise in what they do is just amazing. Their instructors are jaw dropping good. Their patience and passion for teaching make Star so excited about dance. Deborah and Sheri, you are both a class act in the way you run your studio. I'm so impressed and thankful you are part of our lives.
My daughter has been dancing for more than seven years and the switch to Fifth Row Center has been fabulous for her! Her love of dance has been enhanced and her confidence has grown. The personal touch she gets, the array of styles she's exposed to, and the feeling of family are all things we love about the studio and we couldn't be happier!
Fifth Row is a very special place. My daughter loved to dance but she was too intimidated to take a dance class. Sheri let us come in and watch – she made my daughter feel very welcome and safe. That was 7 months ago. I can’t tell you how my daughter has blossomed at 5th row – her confidence and her dance technique are improving in leaps and bounds. The teachers are awesome and most are working professionals. Sheri and Deborah are very involved and always available. These people put their heart and soul into running this studio. I’m not sure where dance will take my daughter but I know the skills and discipline she is learning here will help her in all aspects of her life. We love 5th row!
I am very proud to call Fifth Row Center my home away from home; I could not ask for a more supportive, professional, positive, and nurturing environment to grow in. There are so many parts of Fifth Row Center that I love: the "circle time" at the beginning of each class where we learn more about each other, the way I always feel welcomed, the variety of styles offered, everyone's hardworking nature, the laughter, and even the sweat. One of the largest testaments to the quality of this studio, though, is the stellar teachers. They balance professional careers with teaching. They have made countless sacrifices to be a part of the growth of so many students. The Fifth Row Family, from the wonderful teachers, students and parents to Deborah and Sheri, have given me the tools to grow as a dancer and most importantly, as a good human being. Though I will miss the every day with my Fifth Row family next year, I am looking forward to attending UCLA in the fall!
The family atmosphere and individual attention found at Fifth Row Center is unmatched.  My daughter is enthusiastic about heading to dance class each day because she feels that her instructors truly care about her as well as her growth as a dancer.
Fifth Row Center has been my home away from home since day one… the people and the place have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I would like to thank all of my dance teachers for challenging me always. I would also like to thank the wonderful Sheri and Deborah, for creating this magical place. I am so happy that I have been apart of this family since the beginning. I'm very excited to see what amazing things happen here in the future. I love you, family. I love you, teachers. I love you, friends. I love you, Fifth Row.
Fifth Row Center is so much more than a dance studio . . . it is a warm, wonderful home for anyone who wants to perform.  Sheri and Deborah treat each student like their own children and work so hard to make sure that they are getting the most out of the time they spend at the studio. Students don't just show up for class, they become part of the family and are enveloped into an amazingly supportive community. Fifth Row's teachers are true professionals, at the top of their craft.  Our kids are so incredibly lucky to have such amazing teachers who are so dedicated to the studio.  I am simply in awe when I see the choreography and see how much is learned in a year!
Fifth Row Center has been a godsend. I treasure my role as a teacher here and am equally thrilled to have my children, Colin and Violet, be part of the studio. As parents, we want our children to develop the qualities of body, mind and spirit that enable them not only to succeed as adults, but also to thrive as adolescents.  Fifth Row is a place that helps students find a supportive, caring community, develop a skill, recognize their strength and share the joy of the creative process with others. The culture at Fifth Row Center is supportive and loving; it is one that intentionally encourages dancers to build each other up and develop close friendships. There is none of the cut-throat competition found at many professional training grounds. The teachers are skilled in their craft, and talented at relating to and teaching young people. They guide and encourage dancers through their classes while demanding each student’s individual best. The teachers recognize that dance is not an art form easily mastered and patiently allow the dancer room to grow while maintaining high expectations. As the students learn the amazing variety of dance styles offered:  Bollywood, Ballet, African, Musical Theatre, Irish, Tap, Classical and Broadway Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop, Sheri and Deborah are happy to work in partnership with parents and are some of the loudest voices of encouragement and celebration for each student’s accomplishments and growth.  Fifth Row Center is a family and we have been blessed to be a part of it.
From week to week, I dance at Fifth Row Center more than I live at my house! I have been with this dancing family from the very first day, back when the purple "Fifth Row Center" signs were yet to be ordered, and the floors were yet to be worn in with love. This place I call my home has not only given me the opportunities to pursue dance after high school, but the discipline to succeed in any career path I choose. Traditionally, the fifth row center seat of a theater offers the best view of the stage. In the same way Fifth Row Center offers the very best for each of their dancers. The camaraderie of this studio is like no other. I have never felt an ounce of negativity from here. Each teacher pours their heart and soul into sharing their craft with us. Without their dedication and love for me, I would not be the dancer AND person I am today. Between Jennifer introducing me to Alvin Ailey’s summer program, and Shamicka and Corey shooting me texts right before their performance of Chicago the Musical, I am taught how to love big and dream big. I am beyond blessed to be a part of this dancing family that offers each dancer the best seat in the house.
My daughter has been fortunate enough to have been part of Fifth Row Center from its beginning a year and a half ago. The founders, Deborah and Sheri have created a dance studio with incredibly gifted instructors having taken full advantage of the pool of LA talent and expertise!  What is unique about this studio with high caliber teachers is that they have a heart centered approach and make everyone feel welcome and special.  It really is a perfect cocktail of: creativity, talent, technique, precision, discipline, caring and LOVE. My daughter is challenged, inspired and thrilled to be there every day (and she is there 5-6 days a week). I am positive that you could not find a better studio to entrust your children to every day!
Last June I was sitting in the audience at my first Fifth Row performance. As an elementary school teacher, I have attended countless dance performances of my students who belonged to local studios. I expected to see the same kind of performances I had been used to seeing but from the opening act throughout the entire show, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The caliber of dancing in every single number was exceptional and the entertainment factor was off the charts! I knew right away that this was a studio I had to be a part of. Every class I have taken since then has been taught by a fun, knowledgeable, incredibly talented teacher and coming to Fifth Row is the highlight of my week - every single week!  This June, I will be on stage rather than in the audience!  I am so fortunate to be a part of this studio!  Thank you Fifth Row!!
My son Ty has been taking classes at Fifth Row Center for over a year now and his growth has been remarkable. The variety of classes and different disciplines has meant everything to his training. Coming from a background in high school team athletics as a four-year member of both swim and cross country teams, Ty has advanced as an individual competitor through his involvement in karate and dance. You can see how much he enjoys dancing and what an excellent job Fifth Row Center has done to cultivate that enjoyment. Fifth Row Center is everything you would expect from an established dance company with a long history of challenging instructors, successful students with all the accolades and trophies to go along with it. But, as the new company on the block, the only thing yet to come is the recognition, and that seems like just a matter of time. Come see for yourself at the annual performance or the upcoming competition. I was amazed. These instructors are fabulous and they are all accomplished dancers who the students respect and work hard for.
Fifth Row Center has been such a lovely place for me to teach. I have been a dance teacher for over 14 years at schools all over the country and out of all those studios this place feels like home. I love that the mission of Fifth Row Center is to give love, support AND excellent training to our students. Since this atmosphere has been established and nurtured I have seen students grow exponentially as creative artists and just as human beings in general. The studio is extremely fortunate to have such talented professional teachers who take the training of the students seriously but have a lot of fun at the same time. We make it a point to encourage each dancer and make sure the dancers encourage each other as well, hence creating a non-competitive and supportive atmosphere. I am so honored to be on staff and apart of this journey of Fifth Row Center. Sheri and Deborah have created a wonderful establishment with one common theme in mind… love! I believe and know that anyone who has walked through the door to either teach or to train as been changed for the better.
I have been dancing at Fifth Row Center since the day it opened, and I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it. Since I came to Fifth Row, I have grown so much as a dancer, technically and emotionally. For that, I can thank all of the incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and professional teachers that I have the privilege of taking class from every day. Not only are the teachers amazing, the range of styles offered is unheard of. At Fifth Row, I have the ability to take every style of dance I could possibly think of, from tap and jazz to Bollywood and African and EVERYTHING in between. However, not only do you get an amazing dance education at Fifth Row Center, you get a second family and home. Everyone at the studio is so unbelievably welcoming that it really isn't just a studio, it's a community. Besides growing as a dancer, I have also grown as a person from the wonderful people I get to interact with every day at Fifth Row. After reading all this, you might think, "Wow, how could Fifth Row get any better?" BUT WAIT, it does. On top of the amazing teachers and dancers at Fifth Row, there are amazing owners! Sheri and Deborah work hours on end to ensure that you can fit all the classes you want to take into your schedule, and they work with teachers to make classes at convenient times for you. More importantly, they are always checking in with all of the dancers at Fifth Row to make sure they are having a wonderful experience. There is seriously nothing more I could ever ask of a dance studio. I absolutely love Fifth Row Center.
Our daughter switched to Fifth Row Center after becoming bored with her last dance school. She nearly quit dance altogether until we convinced her to give it a try and now it's like she has rediscovered her passion for dance. Don't be fooled by the modest appearance of the studio. Sheri and Deborah's teachers are top notch and the variety and caliber of classes are the best we have experienced in the South Bay.
Fifth Row Center is a place to call home for my twelve-year-old daughter. Deborah and Sheri and their wonderful teachers focus on strong work ethic and dance technique, but the most important factor for me as a mom, is that they are truly focused on the growth of all individuals - both as dancers and as people.  The studio is based on tight-knit relationships that nurture a safe environment for all.  They teach the girls the importance of giving back to the community, becoming responsible, respectful individuals and working toward long term dedicated goals.
I have been so pleased with my young daughter’s experience at Fifth Row Center. She has learned great dance technique and loves going to class. Her teachers are knowledgeable and kind. They spend time with the dancers to make sure they understand the dance movements and are warm and engaging. Sheri and Deborah are very responsive. I am excited for Ellis to grow with them as she progresses. You should come and see the classes in action and I think you will agree with me that this is a wonderful place for your child.
Fifth Row Center and their wonderful instructors came to our rescue last spring when we were struggling creatively to come up with a talent show act for our third grade class. They were very flexible with their time to accommodate all our busy spring sport schedules and the price was extremely reasonable.   My daughter had such a great time that we signed her up for a hip hop class this year. The environment was so warm and welcoming that she immediately felt comfortable and started having fun. I have seen all she’s learning in her class translate to the soccer field, so much so that I want to incorporate a dance class into her team’s training! Thank you to everyone at Fifth Row Center for giving us this fantastic opportunity.
From the start, Fifth Row Center has welcomed me into their dance family with open hearts and support! It has been truly special to see this budding idea grow into a thriving, creative, and nurturing studio for young dancers. As a teacher, I look forward to strengthening and broadening student's knowledge of hip-hop dance - it's history, range of styles, and expression. At Fifth Row Center, I admire our students’ constant curiosity to learn more and true passion to reach their fullest potential. I am lucky to be apart of a community that sees dance as an avenue to impact lives for the better.
Our daughter has been dancing at Fifth Row Center since its inception and it has been the most rewarding experience of her past 15 years dancing. The privilege of learning from the highest caliber of instructors and the opportunity to train in a multitude of genres has been invaluable. The highly supportive and loving environment that Sheri, Deborah and the staff have created and maintain (and what Fifth Row Center has come to be known for in the South Bay) is second to none!
At Fifth Row Center, I feel like I am in a big home full of dancing family members! There is so much love when I enter through the door each Monday that I have found it well worth the drive from Ojai to teach! The students are blessed to have such incredible teachers, and the teachers are equally as lucky to have such talented students. The passion and commitment I see in this studio has seeped even into the walls, and anyone can see that Fifth Row Center is a creative space perfectly made to allow students artistic growth.
Fifth Row Center is really an amazing place. It is not only a dance studio… it is really a second home. It gives you somewhere to fit in and a completely new group of friends. At Fifth Row we really are a family. We spend so much time together in classes and during rehearsals that you can't help but get super close to everyone in the cast.  There are so many different styles of dance that are offered at Fifth Row that are not offered anywhere else. We dance with the most qualified and just all around awesome teachers.  Everyone at Fifth Row is amazing; all the teachers are phenomenal, Sheri and Deborah are so great and are very aware of our lives, and all the dancers are so accepting and kind. There is nothing I enjoy more than dancing at Fifth Row Center. I personally have been at Fifth Row from the very beginning and my choice to come here is the best decision I’ve ever made. I promise that if you decide to dance at Fifth Row you will have an amazing experience.
I think that Fifth Row Center is the most amazing studio of dance that I have ever been to. Fifth Row has not only taught me how to become a better dancer, it has also taught me to become a better person. I've made friends beyond compare and have built up my confidence completely. I have created a strong bond with one of my dance teachers, Christopher. He is a hilarious, loving person who has also taught me musical theater. He is an extraordinary teacher I will never forget.
Fifth Row Center has been a second home to me since the moment I walked through the door. Whenever you come to class everyone there is so welcoming and you feel so happy every time you do! I came to Fifth Row not expecting to feel at home as quickly as I did.  I have been dancing since I was 2½ years old and being at Fifth Row Center is one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has this studio taught me how to be a better dancer, singer, and actress, but it also has taught me to be a better person. I honestly can say I have never been happier in my life.
Fifth Row Center is not only a fantastic dance studio, but a loving home as well. Everyone there is full of life and cares for anyone who walks through the door. All of the teachers have a great work ethic and you learn so much in even just one class. This studio has improved my confidence, my stage presence, and most importantly my dancing all the way around. Fifth Row Center is the place to be!
Although I don't spend every moment at Fifth Row, it feels like a second home. Every week I look forward to learning from my two amazing teachers, Christopher and Jennifer. I haven't just learned new dance techniques, I've learned how to grow as a person, and how to set goals for myself. Fifth Row has given me the chance to get out of my comfort zone and to explore new possibilities. I've become a better person because of this dance studio. I'm surrounded by amazing dancers and even more amazing people. Everybody at Fifth Row is so loving and welcoming. The students at this studio are Deborah and Sheri’s and the teachers’ first priority. I have never felt out of place, upset, or negative when I enter the studio. Like I said earlier, I don't spend every moment here, even though I wish I could.
My daughter has been taking classes at Fifth Row Center since they opened, and is so glad she does!  The teachers are fantastic. They are so dedicated to teaching kids how to dance, and have fun while doing so. She is continuously learning new skills, and improving on old ones. But most importantly, she has always felt welcome in the Fifth Row family. Everyone from Fifth Row Center is supportive of each other, and loves to dance with each other. There are few dance studios out there like Fifth Row Center.
Teaching at Fifth Row has been an incredible experience so far! I have been amazed and fulfilled by the commitment of the entire Fifth Row family, from students, to faculty, to management. As a teacher who strives to go beyond teaching in the classroom, but who strives to mentor and educate on a deeper level, it's clear that the level of commitment to these kids is high, deep, and thoughtful. I look forward to continuing to work with Fifth Row for years to come and supporting their dreams and visions.
My daughter has been dancing for seven years, since she was three-years-old.  She has danced at locations with great organization and child friendliness but a weak teaching staff and poor dance instruction.  She has danced at studios with great teachers but with studios and classes that were totally unorganized and not child friendly and supportive. At Fifth Row Center we have found it all.  Amazing teachers and top notch dance instruction along side a staff that supports and motivates my daughter, teachers and studio owners that respect dance is not her life or her only activity and a friendly and helpful studio administration.  My daughter was hesitant to make the change but now she cannot imagine dancing anywhere else.  She will be dancing at Fifth Row Center for years to come.
I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to teach at Fifth Row! I've had a passion for dance since I was a little girl and its truly a privilege to be able to share that love, as well as the skills and expertise I've acquired over the years, with such an awesome group of dancers. I'm so grateful for the hearts of these staff members to support and uplift the dancers as well as one another! The best part about Fifth Row is the emphasis on creating a positive and warm environment. It makes teaching that much more of a joy for me and gives us the opportunity to nurture and inspire these young dancers on a more personal level in a stress-free, competition-free space.
Our teachers here at Fifth Row Center are ALL working professionals. We are incredibly supportive of each other's projects outside of the studio, and are so happy to fill in when someone has to miss class due to an industry job.  We're all constantly learning and growing as artists, and we bring all of that knowledge and passion directly back to our students. We're not just here to teach our kids technique, we're here to use the arts to educate and empower them in ways that will take them far.
My daughters are thrilled to be a part of Fifth Row Center, which they consider their other home. We absolutely love their family environment, and the supportive, caring, and dedicated teachers. Also, this studio provides the most accommodating classes and they will work with your schedules. My girls participated in their high school musical while continuing their classes at the studio.  At their performance, their teachers and many dancers attended to support them. My daughters rave about their teachers and the owners (Sheri and Deborah) at Fifth Row Center. They say: "Everyone is very welcoming. They care about each individual dancer, and everything is out of love.”
My 13-year-old son dances three days a week at Fifth Row Center and LOVES it! Not only are the kids welcoming, the teachers are really great. I love working with Deborah and Sheri. Both have been very flexible and understanding of my son's schedule. He does a lot of musical theater and feels this is his home to improve his dance technique and skills AND have a great time. Top notch teachers, great classes, fun kids, what more could you ask for. Fifth Row Center has been a blessing in our lives.
Fifth Row Center is fabulous! Such a warm and loving environment. The teachers are all so knowledgeable. They are creative, passionate, and have a true commitment to the students and the art of dance. Fifth Row Center is home away from home for my daughter. I recommend this dance studio to beginning and experienced dancers alike.
Our six-year-old has been taking ballet/tap classes at Fifth Row since it opened. In addition, we have been taking from Deborah for three years prior to its opening.  For any dance studio the teachers are what make the difference. Miss Deborah not only has a great dance background but is extremely patient with young girls.  She just has an amazing way about her.  She is patient and sweet yet is still able to get these little girls to listen, learn and dance.  A great role model for girls.  I am in awe of how my daughter has grown with her dance and the technique she has learned.  Most importantly she has fun!  We are looking forward to staying for years to come.
I have two daughters and over the past 10 years, we have tried just about every dance studio in the beach cities. Not that our experiences were bad at the other studios, I just felt like my girls were not really learning how to dance like they should be considering the amount of hours they were spending in classes. Then we found Fifth Row Center and what a difference a year has made. My girls both love their dance classes and to see how their technique has improved over such a short period of time is really quite remarkable. Deborah is amazing with the little kids and my seven-year-old responds better to her than any other teacher we've been to. All of the teachers are amazing and each have something special and unique to teach the kids. They offer classes in several genres of dance, and unlike other places that usually specialize in only one type, they are great at everything they teach, therefore producing very well rounded dancers. Most studios in the area are fine if you just want an after school activity to send your child to. But, if you're looking for a studio where your child will actually learn to dance, and dance well, then this one's for you. I highly recommend it! My girls do too. ☺
Wow, what an incredible place to dance!  My 14-year-old daughter is a member of "The Cast" and she is loving every minute of it.   My daughter has danced for over 11 years and the dance instruction and teachers at Fifth Row are truly top-notch.  She grows and gets better with every class.  Beyond the outstanding technique is the unconditional love and support provided at this studio. Dancing at Fifth Row has truly changed my daughter's outlook on dancing and on life.  Thanks to Deborah and Sheri and all of the teachers for all that they put into making this such a special place!
Our family was new to the area when we were so blessed to meet the dedicated staff of Fifth Row Center! Our daughters have been dancing since the age of four. Now, 10 years later, they have never been happier at a dance studio. The instruction, teachers and opportunities are amazing. They are not only concerned with the technical aspect of dancing but care deeply about developing the whole dancer -- mind, body and spirit. We love Brightest Hour where they mentor first time dancers from neighboring communities. There are a great variety of classes… Hip-hop to Lyrical as well as the Cast, Fifth Row’s dance company. We highly recommend Fifth Row Center!
I spend almost half my life at Fifth Row Center. I am so blessed for that. I would be here every second of the day if I could. I meet the most supportive teachers and the best friends ever. Fifth Row is definitely my second home. Everyone here genuinely cares about your feelings. No matter how terrible my day is I always look forward to dance. One of my favorite teachers is touring with Chicago! That's amazing! I always text her and I get to say my dance teacher is traveling the world to dance! I have the widest range of styles to choose from. Bollywood and Irish are not styles most dancers in the industry can say they have had the privilege of learning. Sheri and Deborah are my second moms. It's not homesick for me ever. I can guarantee you I am almost always studiosick! I miss the studio like crazy on breaks. I met my best friends here at Fifth Row. They may be older or younger but they are still my best friends… we have become sisters and they are always there for me. I love Fifth Row Center so extremely much!
We love Fifth Row Center! We love everything about the studio, especially the teachers. The quality of teaching is the best in the South Bay. The teachers inspire the kids to become great dancers. Thank you to Sheri and Deborah for starting the studio.
Fifth Row Center is such an amazing dance studio with inspiring teachers and fellow dancers. I am so beyond grateful to learn from such wonderful, experienced people. Fifth Row is definitely a place I can call home. The owners, Sheri and Deborah, work so hard. They put all of their effort into making sure everyone’s time spent at the studio is the best it can be. Name any genre of dance and Fifth Row has it. The range of styles that you can learn is so great. My dream is to be a professional dancer, and Fifth Row has definitely brought me so much closer to that goal. I have improved tremendously in the past couple of years, and it would never have happened without all of the wonderful support from everybody at Fifth Row. I am so glad to have met so many incredible people, and glad that I am part of such an amazing studio.
I'm Lauren, I'm 14-years-old and I've been at Fifth Row Center since January. I've been dancing for over 10 years so it's definitely a big part of my life. Coming here three months ago has been one of the best decisions of my life. The teachers are amazing, all the other students are so good, and the overall atmosphere is great. I love Fifth Row so much and I'm so glad it's become my home away from home. I don't see myself dancing anywhere else.
Fifth Row is conveniently located, drop-off and pick-up are easy, and parents, teachers, and students are always smiling.  I love that Fifth Row has an entire staff of high caliber teachers who are actively working in local LA area shows either performing on-stage or choreographing. The studio has challenging classes for my advanced dancer/daughter as well as my beginning dancer/daughter.
My daughters needed exercise.  Sports and other dance classes when they were younger had not inspired passion in them.  Fifth Row Center has provided a nurturing and supportive environment from our first conversation to the present moment.  My girls have a growing fondness and passion for dance that is enhanced with each class they attend at Fifth Row.  We appreciate the flexibility and support that are offered to kids who are entering dance at a slightly older age (10 and 12) - my kids were so self-conscious that they would be the oldest befuddled dancers in a group of twirling six-year-olds - this was not the case. The encouragement and care shown by the teachers at Fifth Row has made dance an incredibly enjoyable and beloved learning experience.
My daughters, Julia (15) and Sabrina (13) have been dancing for many years and with Fifth Row since it's opening in 2012.  In that short time, I have seen their skill with dance improve greatly due to the wonderfully passionate teachers.  What I think makes Fifth Row really unique is that the owners, Sheri and Deborah, along with the teachers focus not just on dance technique, but on using dance to develop the "whole child."  Fifth Row has been a wonderful addition to our girls' activities and our family.
Olivia has loved dancing since she was two-years-old, but squeezing even a few classes into her schedule is never easy because she is also a committed club soccer player. Fifth Row Center has given her more opportunities than ever to dance at a high level, even with her limited availability. Most important, the studio and every classmate and instructor truly make her feel a part of their dance family.
Fifth Row Center is more than just a building; it’s a facility. It’s a resource. A reference point. It’s been said that the best place to view a show in the theatre is in the fifth row, center seat. From there you get the perfect view of the results from the process. You get to see the polish and precision that was supported by painstaking hours in front of a mirror or at a ballet barre or sometimes in silent tears. Regardless you’re set up to view the best presentation that could possibly be rendered. Fifth Row Center is that place. It’s that training ground for not only the physical entities but for the intangible ones as well. The core values of 5RC focus on fostering a complete picture that quite actually begins from the inside out. The foundation for a pirouette is equally as important as the foundation for life and love IN life. Teaching at 5RC has nothing to do with a paycheck and everything to do with imparting life into the hearts and lives of eager students and pushing them to be the best version of themselves from day to day so that one day they will be in the fifth row, in the center seat applauding the results for which they have worked.
Fifth Row Center is a wonderful studio for dancers of all types. Personally, moving to Fifth Row was such an easy transition, you're treated like family the second you walk through the doors. The staff is excellent as well, in the year and a half I've been there my dance technique has improved tremendously!
My daughter loves dancing at Fifth Row Center!  She has been dancing in all types of styles for many years and has advanced to the dance company/competition team.  Fifth Row has provided my daughter with a nurturing environment in which to grow, develop and evolve, not only as a dancer but also as an individual.
I love coming to Fifth Row Center every week for dance. I have grown so much as a dancer since I started. Not only have I learned more about dance, I have learned more about myself and my goals for the future. Fifth Row Center has so much to offer! I have met so many people and made so many friends that I never would have. My teachers have taught me so much about all different aspects of dance, some of which have even helped me in my schoolwork! Fifth Row Center is a great place to be, and I hope to be able to take even more classes next year.
I love Fifth Row Center; it's like a second home to me. It has such a welcoming air to it. It's a fun, free, enjoyable environment where you learn and improve your dance skills. Some of our teachers are even on Broadway! We have some of the best dance teachers in California!!
I have four busy children, and only one dancer.  Over the last 15 years my kids have enjoyed activities and sports as diverse as badminton and baseball; football and “futbol”; table tennis and gymnastics.  So when my youngest decided to become a dancer, I was reluctant to add a new activity to our busy family calendar.  At Fifth Row Center, however, I’m happy to say we can “have it all.”  Sheri and Deborah’s TLC helps us put together fun and workable class schedules; and the studio’s use of technology (emails, credit cards, texting) means communication is swift, clear and helpful.  Easy!  Most important of course is that my daughter loves her teachers and classes. Thank you, Fifth Row Center!
Fifth Row Center is a home, a family, and a full time job. It's a place where there are no limits and where anything is possible. You see yourself grow there, whether it's in size or in your ability to turn. The teachers there inspire you to be better, act better, and become better, they are our guides throughout the world of performing, and they couldn't be happier to guide us. See the thing about Fifth Row is that it's more than just a dance studio, it's a place to become not just a better performer than you were before you stepped through those doors but a better person as well. It's a place where you make new friends who are right along side you cheering you on while it's your turn on the dance floor. Fifth Row Center is worth all the time and commitment you put into it, because once you’re dancing nothing else matters.
Coming to Fifth Row is the highlight of my week! I get to see some of my friends that I normally wouldn't and it is so much fun to dance with them.
Fifth Row Center Performing Arts… A loving community filled with support and talent. Best described as a “family” always waiting with a smile, open arms and no judgment.
Fifth Row is far more than a dance studio to my daughter and I, they are family! From day one Sheri and Deborah have made us feel at home and have always gone above and beyond to accommodate our needs. They have a wonderful rapport with all of their students, parents and teachers; each and every one is listened to, supported, and encouraged to grow. It's been amazing to watch my daughter excel in so many different styles of dance but also mature as an individual. Fifth Row has given her so many opportunities. We love the environment that they have cultured, we feel so blessed to be part of this school.
Fifth Row is such an amazing studio. For me, it is a safe space for any level of dancer. I feel like everyone is so close and friendly to everyone else. Sheri and Deborah are such great owners because they are involved in the dancers and all the classes. I see one of them every day that I am there. I love this studio so much and I don't think that I would be dancing if I was anywhere else.
I love Fifth Row Center, it's like a 2nd home to me. Everyone is so sweet and welcoming. The teachers are so nice and the best in LA. I also love how the studio has different styles such as, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, Irish, African, and many more, which is really fun to learn everything. That's why I love Fifth Row so much.
I have been dancing at Fifth Row Center for 4 years now. Every teacher is extremely talented and sweet and each class they teach is both challenging and fun. I have grown so much as a dancer. I have learned and grown more here than any other studio I have been to. The studio in general feels like a family with everyone knowing each others' names, having a birthday list on the wall, and high-fiving after sharing what we learned in class with other classes. Sheri and Deborah also make it feel so welcoming. They also work hard to make sure every class is perfect for each dancer. It's a great studio that I'm glad to call my second home.
We are lucky to be a part of this warm, fun and encouraging dance studio. The teachers at Fifth Row are fabulous! Their enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication is an inspiration that the dancers get to experience in all their classes and is highlighted in the June Show. Sheri and Deborah have created a studio that has given our daughter and all the other students the ability to develop both emotionally and technically as skilled dancers. Fifth Row is one of the best decisions we have made!
I just want to thank Sheri and Deborah for the great instruction and talented teachers they have at Fifth Row Center. My daughter comes out of their school everyday with a big smile and anxious to share with us everything she has learned, and how much fun she is having in ALL of them. Thank you again for providing such a great venue for her to explore and develop her love for dance.
Fifth Row Center is amazing. For all 5 years that I have danced there, I have never learned a dance I didn't like, had a teacher I didn't like, or had a terrible moment. Every moment I spend there is so fun! When I leave I can't wait to go back. All of the teachers are incredibly talented, and super nice. Deborah and Sheri take care of anything and everything that you need, and make sure that everyone is having a great time by making everybody feel included and comfortable. That's why Fifth Row is like a second home, a great dance studio, and I want to spend all the time I can there.
Fifth Row Center is so much more than a dance studio..... it is a welcoming, warm, wonderful home. Sheri and Deborah are always are there for you when you need some help or someone to talk to. I love how Sheri and Deborah are involved in every dancer's life. The growth in discipline, homey feeling, warmth, and kindness has exceeded above and beyond. I love Fifth Row Center for all these reasons.
Fifth Row Center is filled with passionate and caring leaders and supportive and talented friends and dancers. The family-like atmosphere makes the studio feel like a second home to everyone who walks through the doors. I am there almost every day and I love every second I spend there. Every level of dancer is welcome with open arms to grow and learn. Each class is fun and challenging. Fifth Row offers so many different styles ranging from ballet to hip-hop to African. I love Fifth Row Center and I'm so glad I get to be part of such an amazing community and family.
We're very happy at Fifth Row Center. My daughter loves her classes and loves her dance teachers. We like the mix of classes offered by the studio, giving my daughter a chance to develop her skills as a dancer. We also appreciate that the owners, Sheri and Deborah, are always available for any help needed.
I have been dancing at Fifth Row for three years and it already feels like I was born here. Whenever we do not have class for a holiday or break, I find myself longing to go back. The environment here is one-of-a-kind. You open the door and feel a rush of love, friendship, passion, and a new family waiting with welcoming arms. I am proud to call Fifth Row Performing Arts Center my second home.
5th Row Center Performing Arts has provided so many excellent opportunities for my daughter. The assistance they provided in placing her in classes was meticulous, well thought-out and ensured that she could achieve her highest potential. The classes are so professional and deliver an amazing amount of knowledge. The dedication of all the teachers and principals at the studio is unmatched and any student will gain so much from attending classes. 5th row is a highly impressive studio, unrivaled in their attention to each student's needs. I highly recommend it for any student-whether for leisure or achieving a higher level in the performing arts.
The level of instruction at Fifth Row is top notch and impressive. They are a wonderfully enthusiastic, multicultural array of professional dancers and choreographers that are passionate about teaching dance. The class selections are diverse as the instructors themselves, so there's something for every level of dancer. Keeping dancers injury free is top priority. Plus, the studio owners are just lovely. My daughter loves it here!
Fifth Row is something that I can't put into words. It's the most welcoming, and family based place I know outside of home. I look forward to coming to dance everyday, just to be there with everyone that I now know so well. Sheri and Deborah emphasize so much on the warmness of the studio. They both are there to hear anything and everything you have to say, no matter what it is. Everyone at Fifth Row not only loves dance, but truly are amazing people. I love Fifth Row so much and I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing family!
Fifth Row Center is really different from any other studio. I have met some of my closest friends in classes here. The kindness I have experienced from the teachers and dancers is incredible and I always feel comfortable and welcome. I haven't been at this studio for as long as some of the other dancers, but I feel like I've known everyone for years. I've seen everyone around me improve since the first time I saw them dance and they keep getting better. I am inspired by the desire to improve,but also the helpfulness that each dancer has. The teachers are amazing and have taught me not only dance but also life lessons that I will keep with me. Every class the teachers push me further toward my goals while supporting me along the way. I feel that I have grown as a person and a dancer so much from being a part of something so special.
My experience at Fifth Row Center, I can say is the best that I have ever had at a studio. In my previous experiences at other studios, nothing compares to how happy I am dancing at Fifth Row. I have now been dancing at the studio for five years and haven't regretted coming here for one second. The teachers are one of the many reasons why I have chosen to dance at Fifth Row. They inspire me and motivate me in many different ways from their personal experiences and in just the way they teach me new things. Also, I have become very versatile as a dancer from the many options of classes. Finally, the main thing that keeps me dancing at Fifth Row is the
environment. I have made so many new friends that I can now call family. The studio has become my second home after all the memories and time that I have made and spent in the studio. All in all, the studio is where I find myself most passionate about what I am doing, and I hope that many more can have the same experiences I have had at Fifth Row Center.
There are only two places that I can walk into and feel at home. One is my actual home and the other is Fifth Row. I walked into Fifth Row as a confused teenage girl trying to find her way, and four years later after many classes and circling up at the beginning of class, I am walking out as a different person. I gained confidence, inspiration, a support system, best friends, a nickname, and unforgettable experiences that created the unique dancer I am confident to call myself. Behind the doors of Fifth Row, I could escape from my problems and be with people who love and support me. Fifth Row has been a daily reminder that I have a place where I am valued, and it has helped me find my way. I am thankful and proud to be from Fifth Row Center. This dance studio has so much love, that cannot be found anywhere else.
With classes ranging from Bollywood to broadway jazz to hip hop, Fifth Row isn't your average studio. I come from a ballet studio background and this is my first year at Fifth Row and as a part of Cast. Not only did they welcome me with open arms, I am getting stronger training than I have ever gotten anywhere else because the teachers really REALLY care here. It doesn't matter how big or small your class is, your teacher will pay attention to you and help you and that is not something you can say about most studios. But Fifth Row isn't just a dance studio. It's a family. Fifth Row is unique; from circle time at the beginning of class where the teacher asks all of us questions about how we are feeling to performing for each other and high-fiving "two new friends" after each performance. I'm very lucky to have found such an amazing group of enthusiastic classmates and supportive teachers to help me improve. Fifth row is truly a unique and wonderful experience and I would absolutely recommend it for anyone who wants great technique in a supportive environment.
Fifth Row Center is my second home. I am there everyday and I wouldn't have it any other way. All of the dancers are like one big family, and we always support each other. The teachers are all AMAZING! They are so kind, helpful, and loving. I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing community of dancers, teachers, and of course Deborah and Sheri!
Fifth Row Center is not just a studio, it’s so much more. No matter how old you are or how long you have been dancing, you are welcomed with open arms. It’s a place where you can create wonderful friendships. I started dancing a little less than a year ago. I was so nervous to be starting at the age of 13. From the moment I walked into the studio, I immediately felt welcomed by teachers and dancers. The teachers here are all working professionals who gladly invest their time in helping you grow as a dancer and want to make sure you reach your full potential. Sheri & Deborah, the owners, are so supportive and kind. They make me feel comfortable to be around them. They are constantly telling you how well you’re doing in class, or saying ‘hi’ as you go between classes. They are so invested in the studio and everyone that goes to it. Being at this studio has really changed me. My teachers have taught me technique, injury prevention, and have given me tips on how to better myself as a dancer, but they’ve also taught me something else. They’ve taught me so many things about how I can better myself as a person, by staying humble, looking on the positive side, and being an overall better human being.
I cannot say enough good things about Fifth Row Center. When you’re at Fifth Row, you’re family. The personal attention you receive is second to none. Sheri and Deborah work hard to get to know each and every one of their dancers, and make sure there is a program to fit their needs and allow them to grow. They keep a careful eye on who needs what kind of work and suggest classes accordingly. This studio is not only warm, friendly, and welcoming, the staff is incredible! The teachers are all so talented and highly trained. My daughter went from taking 3 classes at her former studio, to taking 10 classes at Fifth Row and wanting more…. Seriously! She has fun, she learns A LOT, and she has been given the opportunity to perform and to compete. They have also helped her reach her personal goal of getting on pointe, all in an amazing, supportive environment. We have been part of the Fifth Row Center dance family for the past 3 years and can’t imagine going anywhere else. If you’re looking for a dance studio, look no further. You’ve found the best and you will not be disappointed.
Fifth Row Center is truly my second home. Sheri and Deborah have made it a priority to work with my busy schedule and find the right fit for me at the studio. The second you walk into the studio you are welcomed with smiles and a rush of energy and love living in the room. Sheri and Deborah are so involved in every dancer's life at the studio to make it the best experience possible. Throughout the past 4 years dancing here, I have grown from taking 4 classes a week, to taking 12 classes a week and loving every moment there. If you're looking for a studio for your child to dance at, Fifth Row is the best choice.
My son absolutely loves dancing at Fifth Row. He has learned and improved so much in a short amount of time. There is an amazing variety of classes, very talented teachers, and a welcoming, supportive environment. In addition, he has made many new friends.
Fifth Row is an amazing studio. It provides for a great and welcoming environment, and it really is like a family. There are so many amazing and talented teachers, and two devoted and friendly owners. Everyone is really involved in helping the studio. I love how inclusive they are about all kinds of dancers, from people who are in the studio for the first time, to people who have been dancing since they were 3. There are so many nice dancers, and you will make a lot of friends there as I have learned firsthand. Come dance with us!
Fifth Row Center is a studio for families that has quality instruction with class! Sheri and Deborah, own and run the studio, and are invested in the growth of their students. They know the students by name and have quality instructors who believe in their philosophy. The studio is always open to feedback and works closely with the parents to make sure that the students are on path to achieving their goals. If you want your child to be a well rounded, quality dancer, this studio is definitely the right place for you. My younger daughter is currently in two classes and enjoys the classes while my older daughter is on the dance team and takes about 10 classes per week. The instructors are connected to the dancers on a professional as well as personal level. I give this studio a very high recommendation.